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Business Reference Sites is an Internet-based reference service from the Library Division of infoUSA. The site was designed for use as a reference tool in libraries and is continually enhanced based upon suggestions from librarians and library patrons. The ReferenceUSA database contains, in module format, detailed information on more than 13 million U.S. businesses; 102 million U.S. residents; 683,000 U.S. health care providers; 1 million Canadian businesses; and 11 million Canadian residents. gives Financial Benchmarks on your industry and your competitors. guides you through the maze of US government rules and regulations and provides access to services and resources to help you start, grow, and succeed in business. is the small business development association web site that has a lot of information on government programs and assistance for small businesses. : This is for information on companies and the corporate leadership one of the easiest for general searches. : This is the for finding published (newspaper, magazine, etc) information about company owners and leaders one of the most comprehensive multi-language sources small business section has a lot of useful information for small businesses. great as a business publication resource.  The Top books and publications on the market with a brief discussion on each one. is a good resources site for business owners/blog format is a portal for business owners with a lot of good information and newsletters. great source for benchmarking salaries business plan pro software - excellent for developing business plans Guerrilla Marketing Articles - lots of ideas Business reference info Legal Forms by state Zip code, city, county, time zone, etc. lookup
Business Skills Articles New Product Development site. Management Methods, Tools Models & Theory Teleclasses from top business coaches around the world Top mining, energy, travel and trade websites. Executive Book summaries Business Plans and a lot more Management tool site  Good articles about a range of best practices U.S Department of labor & Statistics Management Labor Relations site Job Description Writer Free Legal Forms See a photo of every square inch of planet Earth! Census Bureau site with census demographic data sliced and diced every which way imaginable. This is the U.S. Census Bureau's main site with all the most current statistical data on business, individuals and employment. This is the Central Contractor Registration for anyone wanting to do business with the U.S. Government, or locate a business who is already a supplier to the government. Mind Tools is a free site with valuable training on a wide variety of functions from time management, to personnel, to effective leadership, etc. Profusion is the scientists search engine.  It uses a wide variety of multiple engines simultaneously to come up with the best and fastest data available on the net.

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