"Mike is the real deal when it comes to business consulting. He has the experience and depth that business owners want and need to get to the next level. He and I have worked together on several clients and I've appreciated Mike's planning process and integration in all aspects of business strategy. Mike complements well with other business advisors and I recommend him highly to business owners that need a partner on their team."

Trip Farmer, CPA,
Partner, Henderson, Hutcherson, & McCullough, PLL

"Mike has become the catalyst for taking our company to the next level. His insight, past experience and networking skills have proven invaluable, and he has helped me to focus my employees on their key strength areas, and understanding the importance of their roles. By showing us how to set up and maintain budgets, manipulate "what-ifs", and focusing a hyper-active marketer like me, he has allowed me and my family more time, more income, and more sanity. I would recommend him and his company, and have, without hesitation, to any business owner who is interesting in making better choices and more money. Clay Dennis President Southern Hearth & Patio Inc."

Clay Dennis,
Owner, Southern Hearth and Patio

"I've worked with Mike when his clients need to find technology solutions that will enable his clients to achieve their business objectives. Mike is a great communicator and has an excellent grasp of business strategy. He sees beyond the surface level of problems and offers practical insights and direction. I highly suggest meeting with Mike if you are a business owner that wants to break through long-lingering or new business challenges."

Tom Wengler,
Partner, SRC Technology Solutions

"Mike is a great partner and a great leader. Consistently Mike has the insights, the vision, and the charisma that transforms organizations and increases performance for "next level" results. Mike is a catalyst that insures employee integrity, financial stability, and top line growth regardless of economic conditions. My suggestion...get Mike on your team!"

Robert Bury,
CEO, Northern Outfitters
reported to Mike at Global Outsourcing, Inc